4 Home Selling Mistakes To Avoid In 2017

May 12, 2017

It is a hot seller’s market right now but that doesn’t mean selling your home is without risk. Selling a home is a transaction with major legal and financial implications. Chances are it will be the largest transaction you are involved in throughout your life.

When selling a home, what you don’t know truly can hurt you. While there are many snags that can get in the way of a successful real estate sale, it is crucial to avoid the following four home selling mistakes.

1. Failing to prepare. The old adage that “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” could not be more true when it comes to selling your home. A seller only gets one chance at a first impression, so it is important to prepare your home for listing by cleaning, making repairs and reasonable upgrades, staging, and taking flattering photos.

2. Not researching the prices in your market. Pricing your home too high can harm you during the initial listing phase, leaving your listing languishing in the bottom of search results. Price too low and you are shortchanging your financial wellbeing.

3. Hanging around the house. Buyers will have a hard time imagining themselves feeling at home in the house if the current owner is creepily following them around during a showing.

4. Going without the help of professionals: Can you sell a house on your own? Maybe, but it’s not a good idea. While getting a realtor is a typical first step for many sellers, far too many fail to work with experienced real estate title professionals. Title insurance is one of the most important must-haves that you don’t know about. It protects homeowners against defects in the property’s title that could lead to expensive litigation or a bureaucratic nightmare. Going without title insurance could leave you on the hook for the legal mistakes of previous owners such as those who inherited the property but did not make sure the title was properly abated.

Like life insurance, title insurance is something you absolutely need for your peace of mind, even though you hope it’s never needed.

If you are considering selling your home in 2017, Beaches Title can help you avoid these common mistakes. Get in touch with us to learn more.