Choosing the Right Listing Agent

May 28, 2015

Finding a listing agent is easy.  They are salespeople, actively looking for clients to assist in real estate transactions.  The more difficult part is choosing the right listing agent for both you and your home.  One way to look for that “perfect” agent is by asking people you trust, such as friends, relatives, coworkers, and neighbors.  There is a likelihood someone in this group recently bought or sold a home and worked with a great listing agent.  You could also ask lawyers specializing in real estate practice, home inspectors, and mortgage lenders.  Each of these groups usually work with certain listing agents and can guide you toward those they respect and away from those who cannot help you sell your home.

It is wise to look for listing agents that specialize in properties similar to the one you need to sell.  Look around your neighborhood to see whose name is on the “for sale” signs, and attend open houses hosted by various listing agents.  Also look in nearby neighborhoods, or even those on the other side of town, consisting of houses in the same size and price range as your own.  Should you be selling a condominium, look for listing agents who specialize in selling condominiums.  Should you reside in a rural setting, search for agents that have a successful history selling rural land lots.

Most of the above listed information can be easily found on websites containing profiles of the real estate agents.  One more way to eliminate listing agents early on is by searching for their website.  If they have either not created a site, or the website is basic and bland, this likely indicates these agents do not possess the marketing and technical skills that you would want in a listing agent.

Resist the temptation to expect and insist that your agent have wide name recognition.  All of us have seen billboards advertising and promoting the local agents with huge sales volumes and an accompanying catchy slogan.  These “celebrity” listing agents are not right for everybody, as you may not receive the amount of personal attention you desire from an agent that has so many clients, although a high-volume listing agent could be what you want should you live in an affluent area of town since these agents usually maintain contracts with the buyers who are able to afford more expensive properties.  For more tips on choosing the right listing agent, please continue reading here.