Jacksonville Real Estate Prices Lags Against Florida

Mar 2, 2016

The average home price of a house in Jacksonville’s metro market rose about 5 percent in 2015 but 20 percent of area homes are still underwater, according to zillow.com.

The residential real estate market rebounded more so in all other large metros. Orlando increased by 7.1 percent, Tampa increased by 8.5 percent and Miami increased by 8.5 percent.

Nationally, the average increase in residential real estate was about 3.9 percent with the average home price reaching $183,000 leaving about 13.4 percent o homes with negative equity, according to zillow.com.

The average home in Jacksonville’s metro market in November 2015 reached $162,600. However, the average home price just in Duval — excluding pricy Ponte Vedra Beach and St. Augustine — was just $132,000.