Smart Online Marketing Tools for Real Estate Brokers and Agents

Jun 29, 2015

A number of people view content marketing as a trendy method of marketing information online. Content is the smartest and most cost-effective method of marketing virtually any product or any service to anyone.  Real estate marketing is no different from marketing anything else.

Professional real estate agents or brokers,  are most likely looking to increase the quantity and quality of their leads.  After gathering these leads, they would probably like to convert a certain percentage of them into sales.  Perhaps the best method of increasing conversion rate online is through strategically combining social media, content, and search marketing.

Clever use of strategic content marketing can help any business grow.  However, real estate is especially well-positioned to take advantage of certain approaches to marketing, even more so than the majority of sales and service related businesses.

Realtors are already some of the most clever marketers since the business requires realtors  to meet with clients or potential clients face to face.  Realtors are usually naturally talented at making personal connections with clients, finding ways to involve themselves with activities within the community, and connecting with a wide range of individuals inside their local markets.  All of these are examples of “offline” marketing activities.

However, they might not be as skilled at applying these person-to-person skills to social media.  The most successful real estate professionals can market themselves as proficiently online as they can offline.  Social media provides a way of connecting to community groups and local clients that can give a serious boost to their real estate marketing efforts.  Social media sites can help build trust and credibility and allow agents to market themselves through friends of friends.  For more information on how to market through social media websites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, please continue reading here.