Tips Proven to Help Home Buyers Negotiate the Best Deal

May 12, 2015

real estateHome buying is never as easy as writing a check for the listed price of a house and handing it over to the owner.  Contracts involving real estate are never “one size fits all” types of documents, and many times the negotiation process over the terms of the contract become rather intense.  However, if you learn and utilize the following tips for negotiating the best deal on real estate, you will get a better value when purchasing your new home.


  1. Learn everything possible about the seller

Determining why the seller wants to sell his or her home can help a real estate transaction be more successful.  Should the homeowner need to sell the house quickly, you are more likely to negotiate a deal in your favor.  Experienced real estate brokers and agents will consult with agents representing the seller to figure out how important selling this home is to the current owner.  The top agents have the ability to draft offers which monetarily reflect the current owner’s reasons for selling the home.

  1. Show You are Pre-Approved by Making a Strong Offer

You do not want to insult the seller by making an unreasonably low offer that results in an outright refusal to negotiate.  Ensure your first offer is considered respectable by the seller.  Should you be pre-approved by a lender for a mortgage, make sure you show this paperwork to the seller  Buyers already pre-approved for a mortgage are preferred and considered serious buyers.

  1. Keep Options Available and Remain Flexible

Approaching negotiations for buying a home with an attitude of desperation is likely to ensure  you will not get a good deal on the house.  The best home buyers keep many housing options open so they are ever forced to settle for unattractive offers.  Keep searching for homes even after making an offer.  Never willingly put yourself in a financial situation you will later regret.

  1. Never Start a War

Whenever negotiations become heated, it can be easy to look at the seller as your enemy.  At this point, your end goal can shift from trying to beat the seller instead of buying your home.  Turning negotiations over the price of a home into a war is bad for both parties.  Remember both sides share the same goal of buying and selling the home.

While it is unlikely you will have every requested concession met, this does not mean you went down in defeat when trying to buy the house.  You have found your family a great home for a great price, and you can look towards many future years of being a homeowner.