Types Of Home Insurance

Dec 16, 2016

Home insurance is usually straightforward. The need, however, for something more specialized arises in particular circumstances or when you own a specific kind of house. Simply put, home insurance covers the house you live in along with everything inside and protects against flood as well as fire. Whether you are looking to update your current policy or buying a new house, knowing the basics about home insurance can prove beneficial. Here are a few types of home insurance covers you can consider.

1. Title Insurance

This cover is mandatory, especially if you are getting a mortgage. You, however, have the option to forego it if you are paying all cash. The purpose of this cover is to protect the homeowner’s and lender’s financial interests against loss due to liens, title defects etc. Title insurance is particularly important in cases like foreclosures and short sales. The cover ensures that the title deed is clear so that no one can file a lawsuit claiming that he or she own your property. If you decide to get a title insurance cover, you should ensure that a lawyer goes through the property history and ascertains that there is zero likelihood of claims on the title in future.

2. Extra Moving Insurance

This is a federally mandated moving coverage that is sometimes known as released value protection. Rather than get the full value of something that breaks, you are paid what is calculated under the limits of the coverage. You can also opt for the full value protection, which requires you to specify items that are worth more than $1000. This also excludes anything that’s worth more than $5000. The moving company has the freedom to either repair or replace what’s damaged. You can pay for extra insurance if you are moving items that are highly valuable, but only from a third-party insurance provider.

3. Homeowner’s Insurance

Like title insurance, homeowner’s insurance is necessary if you are getting a mortgage. The cover protects you against losses incurred due to a variety of causes including storms and fires. Whether or not you are legally required to have it, this cover is essential.

These are just a few of the important home insurance covers that you may need to purchase when buying a home. Beaches Title Service helps with all of your title service needs, plus helps you close commercial a