Beaches Title Services, LLC helps realtors close their deals and ensure satisfied customers.  We help lenders obtain and understand title searches then provide title policies to protect their loans.  We also assist  individuals or businesses with any task relating to title on their personal or commercial properties.

We have the knowledge and experience to help all of our For Sale By Owner (FSBO) clients navigate the entire real estate transaction from beginning to end. If the buyer and a seller for a specific property have agreed on the selling price, then taking the next step with a title professional will help avoid any pitfalls and make it a smooth process for all parties involved

Whether residential or commercial, we can help with all of the following:

  • preparation of a purchase agreement (we have an attorney who works with us for those documents and transactions that need one)
  • closing of sales
  • closing of loan transactions
  • furnishing title services
  • assisting in finding a lender or realtor
  • assisting in finding a surveying company
  • commercial title searches
  • commercial closings

With over 30 years of title and closing experience, we know how to interact within the legal environment and provide everything necessary to complete your real estate transaction.

Our goal is to build a special relationship with each of our clients and to provide smooth, efficient closings. We take great pride in making ourselves available to our clients.  Your phone messages will always be promptly returned and we also make ourselves available by cell phone during normal business hours.  Feel free to call or stop by our office and see if our services are right for you.

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