Design a Showing Schedule

Jan 9, 2015

img2-270x285Design a Showing Schedule for Each Client

These days, everyone runs on a tight schedule that leaves little time for error.  For this reason, realtors should not just be on time for a showing – they should be early.  This shows that you respect the client’s time and appreciate their business.  However, beyond being early for showings, there is an even better way to express your appreciation for your new client’s business.

When getting ready to meet new clients for the first time, design a professional looking showing schedule for each client using a PDF cover page.  This will benefit both of you, as you will each have a written record of when and where you are supposed to be.  This page should include the showing date, the client’s name, and all of the properties you and the client agree to view set to an hourly schedule.

With the showing schedule accompanying the previously mentioned custom made infographic for the client, both of you should be prepared for a productive day of house hunting.  Hopefully, everything falls into place, and you are able to find the perfect home for your client.  In the more common circumstance where you cannot find the right house on the first day, you have built a strong business relationship with the client, and he or she will come back for another day of looking for homes because of the trust that has been generated through showing your competence.