Downtown MAKEOVER! Jacksonville Shipyards Proposal Calls For ‘Tallest Structure In Florida’

Apr 24, 2017

A Texas-based real estate developer Presidium Group wants to build a fine art museum, aquarium and a 1,000-foot observation deck on Jacksonville’s vacant Shipyards and Metropolitan Park property. It’s one of three development proposals submitted to the city.

Owner of Ponte Vedra-based Killashee Investments Mark Farrell, who is acting as a consultant, said the city lacks an iconic structure, like the Golden Gate Bridge or the Empire State Building. The plan calls for a futuristic observation tower shaped like a sail called Seaglass Tower.

The structure will be adorned with stainless steel and glass and able to be lit different colors. It would also have two floors of restaurants and be the tallest building in the state.

“People just like going up in the air. They like the view. It’s something to do,” he said.

Farrell said the tower along with a proposed art museum, convention center, hotel, and aquarium would bring more people downtown on a consistent basis.

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