Energy Saving Tips For Your Home

Jan 28, 2016


Energy saving TipsWe could all use a little extra money. Finding ways to earn more is a great aspiration. But saving money can be just as valuable. Most people don’t notice all the different ways that money can trickle away.

There are some small changes you can do around the house that will save you a decent amount of money on your energy bill. These are mostly small changes that you will not even notice but in the long term they can make a big difference.

Turn the AC Down

I know what you’re thinking. It gets hot in the summer. But your air conditioner uses a lot of energy. You can set it to 78 degrees and use a fan to circulate the air. A good fan will lower the temperature by about four degrees.

This will leave the room you are in a comfortable 74 degrees while cutting your power bill.

Keep the AC Filter Clean

Dust will build up in your air conditioner’s filter over time. This causes your air conditioner to be less effective. As a result, it will use more power.

Check the air filter on a regular basis. Clean it any time you notice it is getting dirty. An air conditioner with a clean filter uses 15% less energy than an air conditioner with a dirty filter.

Adjust the Water Heater

The temperature of your water heater is set to a factory default. It can vary, but 140 degrees is the most common temperature. It takes a lot of energy to reach and maintain that temperature. But you do not need to have your water that hot.

You can change your water heater’s temperature to 120 degrees. The water will still be hot enough, and it will reduce your energy bill.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Energy-efficient light bulbs are a great way to save money on your energy bill. Energy-efficient light bulbs use up to 80% less energy than standard light bulbs.

Some people don’t use energy-efficient light bulbs because they cost more. But they only cost more up-front. While standard light bulbs are cheaper, you end up paying more in the long run so consider the switch since it will save you money in the long run.


Saving energy does not have to be hard when you make these small changes.  Make 2016 the year of saving money by making small changes.