Five Tips for Outdoor Real Estate Photography

Apr 7, 2015 Man photographing empty living room with digital camera

First impressions always leave a lasting impact, especially when it comes to Real Estate.  For people looking to buy a home, these first impressions are usually the photographs of the property.

Great pictures help present a house in a manner no words or numbers could express, and provide depth and life to listings.

However, poor photographs can discourage potential buyers from wanting to view a home.  Since not every realtor has access to a professional photographer, this piece offers five helpful tips for real estate agents and brokers to ensure they can take high-quality pictures that will encourage buyers to check out the property available for sale.

  1. Proper Photography Gear

For the purposes of this article, the writer is assuming the real estate agent or broker plans to use cameras requiring no more steps than to simply point and shoot to take the picture.  This feature is found on most cellular phones.  While it is almost always true that photo quality increases with the quality of the camera and related gear, these days even simple cameras have the ability to capture great images when the photographer applies the right skills to whatever he or she has available.

  1. Proper Lighting

Timing is everything when trying to obtain perfect lighting for taking photographs outdoors.  The sun should always be behind the photographer as backlit homes tend to be obscured by shadows. The person taking the photos must check all windows and other types of reflective surfaces to ensure no glare appears in the photo.  For a more inviting look, try turning on the lights inside the house.

  1. Camera Perspective

Always ensure the camera stays straight and level.  Whenever possible, use a tripod.  However, if you don’t have a tripod, there are many simple photo editing applications that will allow the photographer to straighten out the image at a later time.  Remember, the best angle for photographing the home is not always directly in front and center of the property, so try taking photos from various vantage points that include life and greenery instead of a driveway.

  1. Choosing the Scene

The simplest steps can be the easiest for the photographer to forget.  Homes look more appealing to prospective buyers when they appear to be unoccupied.  Therefore, clear out any cars that are in the driveway.  Also, make sure that the lawn is shown freshly mowed.

  1. A Few Extra Tips for Outdoor Real Estate Photography

Here are a few other things real estate photographers should look out for prior to taking those pictures that will give the buyer his or her first impression of the home:

  • Put away all garden tools, sprinklers, trash cans, and hoses that are outside of the home.
  • Take time to sweep the patios, driveways, and sidewalks.
  • All deck and patio furniture should look clean, with the umbrella open, and any covers removed off of the barbecue grills.
  • Pool Equipment must be stored in the proper place.
  • Keep all of the windows open at the same height, and set the blinds at the same height.
  • Keep all trees and bushes that could obscure the view to the house trimmed properly.
  • Finally, add a pot of flowers, greenery, and/or a wreath on or by the front door to enhance the home’s curb appeal.