Make Way for the Millennials!

Aug 16, 2016

Jacksonville-Vertical-Lift-BridgeFor years Jacksonville, and the state of Florida as a whole, was seen as “old people” territory. It was a place where people went to settle down and start a family, or to retire.

In recent years, though, the tides have changed.

Jacksonville has emerged as one of the fastest growing cities in the country. In fact, Forbes magazine recently cited Jacksonville as the #2 most popular city to move to.

Even more notable is where that growth is coming from; the number of residents in their 20s increased by 5% from 2009 to 2014.

So why are more people, and specifically more millennials, choosing Jacksonville?

Cost of living

Jacksonville consistently ranks among the more affordable cities in America. With new apartment complexes going up year-round, older complexes are forced to lower their rates to remain competitive. This creates a plethora of affordable housing options.

Complexes like 220 Riverside and The Brooklyn at Riverside provide the type of experience often seen in college towns, which will make fresh graduates feel right at home.

Additionally, the estimated average cost of a house in Jacksonville (according to Forbes) is $272,400. This includes newer housing developments on the edge of city limits, and the pricier houses at the beaches. In other words, if you’re not picky about location, your starting price will actually be even lower. While most 20-somethings aren’t looking to buy a house yet, it’s a comforting idea to start building your life in a city in which you know you’ll eventually be able to settle down.

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