Meet the Professionals Behind Jacksonville’s Best Title Insurance Company: Reva Bond

Oct 31, 2016

revaWhat makes Jessica Wright and Reva Bond stand out from the competition when it comes to title services? Let’s start with 40 years of experience in the real estate industry between them. And let’s not forget that title insurance isn’t the only thing Jessica and Reva are professionals at. Between guidance and assistance for FSBO, document preparation, escrow agency, and more than we can mention – it’s one-stop, friendly, professional, and comprehensive shopping when it comes to Beaches Title and their services.

Reva Bond took the time to answer a few questions about herself and her expertise in the industry. See the interview below.


(CS – Create Studios, JW – Jessica Wright).

CS: You probably wouldn’t know, by looking at Beaches Title’s reputation and the array of services, that the company is run by just you and your partner, Jessica. Why did you choose to take this approach to running your company? What are the benefits you’ve experienced?

RB: We wanted to treat each client with the personal touch that would make them feel confident and comfortable that their questions were heard and we could respond timely to their needs or concerns. Jessica and I are each knowledgeable about each file in our office and either of us can assist the buyers, sellers, realtors or lenders with any questions or comments they have on their transactions.

CS: Being a small business owner can be an intimidating venture. What drove you to start Beaches Title? Was it a tough decision for you to venture out on your own?

RB: We saw a need for a company that treated the clients as people, not just a number. We felt confident that we could provide good, qualified closing expertise in the title industry. In 2005 when we opened our company, many companies were opening quickly to take advantage of the booming market, but didn’t last long. We knew we were not in business for the short term, but wanted to provide this service for years to come.

CS: What benefits should a customer expect when choosing Beaches Title versus another title company or law firm to handle their title services?

RB: Jessica and I have many years of experience in the title/closing field.  We listen to the concerns and questions clients may have during the closing process. We always try to answer questions quickly with answers that make sense to the clients.  If we don’t know the answer, we have many resources to find the correct answer.  Our goal is to answer/return phone calls or email within 24 hours. We have been told by clients that they appreciate our prompt responses to phone calls or emails.

CS: You offer some great services to realtors too, like escrow services and closing document preparation. Why else should realtors come to Beaches Title?

RB: Realtors should use our company for the reasons stated above. We are experienced, qualified and are responsive to all the people involved in the closing process. They appreciate that we handle problems efficiently and try to get all issues solved before everyone is at the closing table.