5 Things To Know About Real Estate Attorneys

Nov 17, 2017

It might seem like your real estate attorney is a very busy person who is hard to reach. However, there’s no denying how important their role is in buying or selling a property, and here are the reasons why:

1. The Attorney Selected Should Handle Real Estate

Many people make the mistake of using a friend or attorney recommended by a friend, regardless of whether they specialize in real estate or not. Real estate law is more complex than many realize, so finding an attorney who specializes in real estate issues in your state makes a difference.

2. Real Estate Attorneys Work Harder Than You Know

Although it might not seem like a real estate attorney does a lot of work on the surface, they do a lot behind the scenes to ensure that your end of the contract is fair and that there are no title problems. You’ll rest better knowing that you put an attorney to work protecting your interests.

3. Attorneys Can Help Sellers, as Well as Buyers

If you’re a seller with a sticker situation, like needing to subdivide a piece of land, you can also benefit from using a real estate attorney. Another reason a real estate attorney is helpful is providing you with information on tax liability.

4. Real Estate Attorneys Perform Tasks Agents Can’t

As much of a rockstar is your real estate agent is, there are some tasks he or she can’t do. A real estate attorney might have to do the closing, and they can also give legal advice.

5. It is Better to Involve an Attorney Sooner, Not Later

Many of the worst disasters that happen in a real estate transaction occur when a buyer retains a lawyer after a problem. Having an attorney on board from the beginning saves everyone a lot of headaches.

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