For Realtors: Infographics

Jan 27, 2015

What is an Information Graphic?  An information graphic is a detailed guide with information that provides information for clients about a home.  The information graphic is based off of common questions a realtor hears from his client.

Who Can Benefit from an Information Graphic?  Both the clients and the realtor can benefit from the information graphic.  It saves the realtor time, and it answers all of the questions the clients wanted to ask as well as those they had not thought of.

When to Present Your Clients with and Information Graphic:  Present your clients with the information graphic when they begin talking about the neighborhood they want to live in, and the size of home, (bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.) they are interested in, so they get an idea of the price range they are looking at from the beginning.  This also helps answer questions they will have about the house and help them determine whether or not they want to see it.

How to Structure an Information Graphic

  • most important facts first
  • tailor it to your client
  • use statistics
  • incorporate screenshots
  • keep an eye on design

Design Information Graphics that Answer Common Questions

When an individual, couple, or family goes out searching for their first home, they are not as knowledgeable about the real estate market as a realtor or broker.  As a realtor, it is your job to take the time and listen to your clients wants and needs in a home to determine which questions they ask most frequently.  Once you have the experience of helping a number of customers answer the same questions, design an information graphic that include these common questions that you can share with the client.

Why Information Graphics are important for first-time buyers

Once this information graphic is designed you can individualize it for each new customer. This will assure your client that you are not only knowledgeable, but also willing to go the extra mile to ensure you are helping them fulfill their wants and needs.  This also eliminates the fear and uneasiness of asking a person he or she barely knows about the price of the home, the most important questions a realtor would know to ask information about, but the common person would not know the significance of how it relates to the livability of the home.