How to Stage a Vacant Home for Sale

Sep 23, 2016

Home Open HousesVacant properties have the benefit of allowing buyers to imagine their own furniture in the space.

However, not all buyers operate are able to use their imagination in this way. In fact, most buyers prefer to see a furnished house where the arrangement is obvious. It’s best to satisfy the majority of potential clients by staging the home in an enticing manner.

Digital Furniture


This staging tactic is a computer-generated, 3D view of the home. This is a realistic video tour of the home, adding another layer to a real estate listing.

A virtual tour is a step up from photos, yet a step down from seeing it in person.

• Take three or four pictures of vacant rooms.
• The realtor or third-party company includes furniture and accessories virtually based on the seller’s specifications.
• The company or realtor assembles and completes the video for viewing.

Low-Cost Furniture


A third-party rental company can provide rental furniture for a monthly fee. This includes accessories and fixtures. The time and amount per month for rental depend on the company’s rules and requirements.


A consignment furniture store is an inexpensive way to include furniture in the home. The inexpensive part comes from the furniture being used. The upside is the furniture belongs to the seller, and they can do whatever they wish with it afterwards.

One idea is to entice buyers to purchase this house by offering the option of receiving the furniture when they purchase the house. Some buyers need furnished homes, and this is a great strategy for homebuyers who don’t have much furniture to bring inside the home.


If new furniture at a low cost is the goal, aim for closeout deals. One idea is purchasing furniture from furniture stores going out of business when the prices on furniture decrease drastically. A second option is purchasing floor samples from furniture stores where prices are reduced greatly due to wear and tear from customers.

Your furniture may not appeal to buyers in staging, but these suggestions (along with a realtor’s eye) will jumpstart viewing for buyers. If you have an empty home that is just not selling, consider staging it and see if that makes a difference.

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